What is Ten Men?

Ten Men offers a unique way for photographers to get the equipment they need to do their job better without any cost to them. It’s a bit of purchasing and renting all in one: Ten Men purchases the equipment, gives it to the photographer, and rents it to the client.

What does Ten Men do for photographers?

Ten Men consults with the photographer to build a custom designed system for their creative process. The photographer keeps this equipment on hand; no need to pickup or return between jobs. Equipment can be organized and integrated with existing peripherals, and the photographer can develop a familiarity with the system that isn’t possible with rentals. There is no direct financial obligation to Ten Men, only the right to bill clients for rental fees for a specified period of time, typically 36 months. Once this time commitment expires, the photographer owns the equipment in full and has the option to upgrade. (Yes, the camera is free.)

How is this possible?

The photographer doesn’t pay for a camera rental and then bill the client, we do. We work directly with agents, sending them a rental invoice for the client.

What camera systems are offered?

We have access to all the major brands, so the options are varied. We specialize in, but are not limited to, digital medium format cameras.

How do agents benefit?

Ten Men relieves the burden of renting equipment for every shoot. The photographer is in full possession of the equipment at all times. And, we understand that budgets vary. Ten Men collaborates with producers and agents to provide a negotiated ‘rental fee’ for each job if necessary. This benefit allows greater flexibility in rates than a traditional rental company can offer.

Another benefit for agents is a $1000 bonus for each photographer they refer that contracts with Ten Men. We depend on agents to keep us up to date on schedules, negotiate rental rates if needed, and deliver our ‘rental’ invoices to the client. This bonus is our way of saying thank you.

Who qualifies?

We have a flexible program that allows us to work with a wide variety of photographers who have a variety of work schedules, but we generally work with photographers who have agents and shoot on a fairly consistant basis. We consider many factors, such as the type of equipment needed, client base, and type of work.

What about credit scores?

We don’t ask for credit scores. Financial status doesn’t play a part in qualifying for a camera. Photographers do not have a direct financial obligation to Ten Men.

What’s in the contract?

We use a standard rental-type contract that is then customized to the photographer. The photographer takes possession of the camera and is expected to maintain it. Ten Men will pay for things that break down or normal wear and tear. However, neglectful damages and carelessness are considered a breech of the contract. Also, if the photographer doesn’t work for an extended period (e.g. more than 3 consecutive months) or if rental rates decline significantly, the photographer may be required to surrender the equipment.

How do I start?

Click on the ‘Apply’ tab and send us your info. We’ll review your application and start customizing a system. Then we speak to your agent (if you have one) to verify your information. If all goes well, you’ll sign a contract and we’ll get your camera and equipment ordered. Time for delivery is largely dependent upon the manufacturer.